IA and IoT, the winning union for land managers and industries


At the heart of the digital revolution, the synergistic integration between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) is shaping the future of territorial resource management. The joint use of these technologies emerges as a cornerstone for operators and industries, redefining the remote monitoring of distribution networks and industrial infrastructures, enabling up-grade technology for companies that aim to improve control processes withincreasingly sustainable, safe and efficient operations.

Onyax, an innovative company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of telecommunications and in close contact with operators and companies in the Smart City, Smart Building, Oil & Gas and Water sectors, has approached the topic of remote monitoring in a totally innovative way proposing a turnkey solution formed by atechnological mix between IoT sensors and digital platform that fully exploits all the potential offered by artificial intelligence.

Advanced remote monitoring: IoT and IA in symbiosis

The integration of artificial intelligence and IoT sensors by Onyax opens the door to remote monitoring with great potential for analysis and prediction. In the areas of distribution networks and territorial industries, solutions based on “data sincerity” are activated where AI analyzes in real time the data collected by IoT sensors scattered throughout the infrastructure. Right from here begins the real path of digitization, with the development of a network of low-power IoT devices designed specifically to last a long time thanks to an integrated battery power supply; communicate even in harsh environments thanks to NB-IoT technology and be easy to install and use. In fact, thanks to its wide design flexibility, Onyax is able to create devices capable of monitoring multiple parameters: from temperatures, pressures, levels, vibrations, electrical quantities up to chemical analysis for the quality of fluids and gases, intercepting the requests and needs of each individual user.

Intelligent Platform and Predictive Maintenance: Efficiency Motors

A key piece of this technological synergy is represented by the use of the AI and data analysis platform ACE (acronym of Acquisition Control Ecosystem) able not only to create a unique andcompletely digitalized control ecosystem but to activate processes related to machine logic and deep learning.
ACE has been designed by Onyax in full-cloud to ensure better accessibility to data thanks to the support and translation of numerous communication protocols. The platform is extremely flexible and scalable and takes full advantage of the potential of IoT and AI, providing a solid and secure database. The data are presented both through a dedicated section useful for easy aggregation of the same, and through interactive reports able to attest the validity of the monitoring process. This leads to the management, analysis and storage of data, together with constant support services and useful information for predictive maintenance.

The platform, is able to manage and process historical trends sent daily by IoT devices installed, analyze significant events such as threshold overshoots (alerts) of the preset parameters or systematic abnormal behavior and superimpose an infrastructure formed by mathematical-statistical calculation models able to generate long-term reports even predictive. This predictive analysis allows you to identify potential issues and optimize operations, ensuring efficient resource management.

A technological model for the territory

The union of AI and IoT emerges as a winning formula for land managers and industries. In the areas of water and gas networks, for example, AI in the ACE platform works in tandem with IoT sensors to identify anomalies, detect leaks in the network and proactively prevent failures. Within Industry 5.0, however, this integration translates into more efficient production and a significant reduction in downtime, projecting industries to servitization, towards a future in which maintenance is anticipated and production is optimized.

All the digital transformation process activated by Onyax for managers and industries of the territory, has also seen its concrete demonstration in the conference “Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation for the growth of local industries” organized by Onyax in the historic Hall of the Fresco of the Castle of Vigevano on November 16. A technical-informative event that involved institutions and experts in the field, including the Polytechnic of Milan, capturing the attention of entrepreneurs, Innovators and industry leaders who explored the fundamental role of AI and IoT in driving sustainable growth of industries, highlighting digital transformation as a driving force for economic development.  


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