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Smart City

A Smart City is an intelligent and at the same time an energy sustainable city that integrates digital technologies into its networks to improve service efficiency for the benefit of citizens and businesses. Onyax’s IoT solutions combine sensors and digital platforms to collect, analyse data and facilitate remote monitoring in operations such as water quality control, public and votive lighting, and traffic management.

Smart Building

A smart building adopts IoT technologies capable of supervising and optimizing facilities. Onyax enables building owners and their managers to increase efficiency and reduce energy expenditure.
To achieve the goals required by the market, we have developed solutions to achieve high levels of monitoring and control of building systems, including security, lighting, heating, and air quality systems.

The benefits of IoT solutions for smart buildings and cities


Thanks to sensors with integrated long battery life and consumption monitoring with dedicated reports, every control process carried out with Onyax guarantees efficiency, energy savings and sustainable quality.

Strategic control

The installation of a network of devices with the help of the ACE-IoT platform, reduce operational time and allow comprehensive strategic control to users for better utilisation of city resources.

Technology Upgrade

IoT interoperability aims to improve the safety of buildings and the health of every person within them. Onyax’s technologies are perfect for environments that need immediate innovative upgrades.

Fields of interest

Water quality

The contribution with continuous research activities that Onyax has been implementing in recent years, aims not only at the digitisation of distribution networks, but also at supporting the cultural transformation and sensitivity of citizens towards the most precious good on earth. We design and build portable and low-power micro-analysis laboratories capable of monitoring the physical and chemical parameters of water in municipal drinking fountains, water supply houses and private/public water wells.

Public and votive lighting

Managing lighting in an intelligent and innovative way is one of the key concepts for considering a city ‘Smart’. Onyax provides its design capabilities to create ad hoc IoT solutions equipped with sensors and digital platforms, capable of managing consumption and automation both for facilities on city land (Smart Street Lighting) and more specific municipal or private monitoring, such as votive lighting systems.

Traffic Management

The car is regarded as the primary means of transport for medium and long journeys. This means, busier roads and heavier traffic, especially in large urban cities. Intelligent traffic management through IoT technology allows us to acquire in-depth information on targeted parameters through low-power sensors capable of controlling traffic lights, suggesting alternative routes in real time and minimising time, costs and pollution.

Air quality

Offices and large corporate spaces are environments that are experienced by employees on a daily basis and as such must guarantee safety and comfort in terms of both environment and quality. Onyax has created a complete control system consisting of IoT sensors capable of implementing the acquisition of the main physical (temperature, pressure, humidity and brightness) and chemical (eCO2 and eTVOC) parameters, as well as presence control and its transmission to the management system via a WiFi interface.

Energy efficiency

The IoT Smart Building solutions proposed by Onyax make it possible to make any structure smart with simple and low structural impact interventions. Thanks to these interventions, investments can be subject to tax credits according to current regulations, as they allow for the classification of “CLASS A” according to UNI EN 15232 for residential and non-residential categories. Energy savings in Smart Buildings can be measured by means of precise reports that have shown in the realities involved a clear average reduction in minimum consumption.

Recommended technologies


1. Remote water quality monitoring
2. pH, ORP, chlorine, turbidity, conductivity
3. Fountains, drinking water wells
4. Support of activities in analysis laboratories
5. Integration into ACE IoT platform


1. Remote energy control and automation
2. Temperature, humidity, malfunctions
3. Remote cold chain monitoring
4. Remote alarms, opening and closing doors
5. Integration into ACE IoT platform

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