The device

NEMO is the first portable chemical micro-laboratory with integrated battery and remote transmission, designed and realized by Onyax. It is a device with NB-IoT radio communication interface used for the analysis of chemical and physical quantities in water quality monitoring.


NEMO was created to simply and quickly monitor multiple chemical-physical parameters, useful for water quality control processes, and suitable for reducing the intervention time of laboratory technicians. Ideal for meeting the needs of Integrated Water Service Managers and for the emerging needs in IoT field.


Thanks to its simple and compact design, the IoT NEMO device by Onyax is widely used in Utilities, specialised laboratories and innovative companies active in the control of water resources, with a broad focus on installation semplification and digitisation.


  • Integrated multiparameter probes
  • Modular sensors
  • Double antenna
  • Bluetooth for local app communication
  • NB-IoT for remote communication
  • Connection via external bus

Designed to realise

Integrated battery

Ultra-low-power 32-bit microcontroller and autonomous integrated battery with standard life of 5-years, ensure maintenance-free operation and optimized uptime.

Immediate analysis

Nemo offers users an immediate analysis combining impedance spectroscopy techniques with the monitoring of different chemical and physical parameters such as pH, ORP, free chlorine, turbidity and conductivity.

Small size

The small size (120x150x60mm) allow NEMO to be installed directly in the shell or in the control points of the water resource, with simplicity and minimization of footprint.

Real-time control

NEMO operates with 2G/EDGE, LTE CAT M1/NB2 network for fast communication interface with remote server and IoT platforms such as Onyax ACE.

7 remote parameters

Electrochemical measurements

NEMO has been designed with special electrochemical probes capable of monitoring specific chemical parameters such as pH and ORP, useful for the evaluation of drinking water quality. The integrated circuit in the device ensures a constant and fast measurement, allowing the user reliable monitoring and complete remote control.

Automatic temperature compensation

Sampling every 15 minutes

Amperometric measurements

NEMO has been designed to carry out amperometric measurements via three-electrode cell, configuration that allows to detect concentrations of free Chlorine and Chlorine compound very low, displaying the same directly in IoT ACE. platform Additional ion-selective electrodes can be monitored via an external bus connection.

Three-electrode configuration

Controlled and stable potential

Physical measurements

NEMO has been designed and built by integrating micro-sensors used to measure in a stable and continuous way specific physical parameters required by Integrated Water Cycle Managers. For example, it is possible to measure temperature, flow, turbidity (as per UNI EN ISO 7027) and conductivity by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

EIS measurements

Real-time monitoring in ACE

Fields of application

Distribution networks

  • Aqueducts
  • Road shells
  • Industrial wells and manholes

Citizen services

  • City fountains
  • Water cisterns
  • Private and public water wells

Analysis laboratories

  • Dedicated water control laboratories
  • Support for sampling activities
  • Installation and testing on test fields

Integration into ACE platform

Every NEMO device is remotely connected to the ACE IoT platform, dedicated to data, alarms, events and real-time measures management.

Georeferencing of devices, SCADA/synoptic visualisation, dynamic reports and real-time notifications make control process affordable for everyone, simplifying every installation and maintenance operation.

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