The device

RAIL-R6 is the IoT device dedicated to structured wiring, entirely designed and manufactured by Onyax.
It is a data logger and acquirer of different physical quantities, with the possibility of interfacing various sensors for general use or for temperature measurements.


RAIL-R6 was created for all those applications where analogue and digital acquisition as well as actuations and fieldbus interfacing are required. Designed to meet the multiple needs of remote control, process, for emerging needs in the needs in the Industrial IoT (IIoT) market, but also to make smart and integrable in the ecosystem objects and machinery that until now were excluded from the technological revolution. 


RAIL-R6 is typically installed on standard DIN rail easily, quickly and without complex wiring. Thanks to its dynamic and compact structure, RAIL-R6 is the right answer to any industrial application where you want to remotely and control a physical quantity with an innovative remote control solution.


  • Modular sensors
  • Double internal antenna
  • Bluetooth for local app communication 
  • NB-IoT to communicate remotely
  • Connection via MODBUS/RS485 bus

Designed to integrate

Buffer battery

The device operates with 220VAC power supply with integrated switching power supply and has a backup battery that ensures operation and momentary transmission in the absence of power.

Integration and interoperability

Designed to adapt quickly to standard protocols and integrate easily into structured cabling architectures.


RAIL-R6, thanks to the integrated functionality of MODBUS/RS485 servers, also allows the acquisition of quantities or parameters from sensors or peripherals compatible with communication standards.

Real-time control

RAIL-R6 operates with 2G/EDGE, LTE CAT M1/NB2 network for a fast communication interface with remote server and IoT platforms like ACE by Onyax.

Remote parameters

Remote Terminal Unit

RAIL-R6-RTU is the IoT acquirer/datalogger designed and manufactured by Onyax, dedicated to the remote control of field signals, both analog (0-10V, 4-20mA, RTD) and digital. The device, simple and compact, was also designed to integrate a Modbus server useful for connection with the expansion modules of the EXP series.

LTE/NB-IoT communication

Integrated buffer battery

Programmable Logic Controller

RAIL-R6-PLC is the IoT datalogger/acquirer designed and manufactured by Onyax for all realities with advanced process control needs. The device has a local Ethernet connection, RS485 and a graphic display suitable for instant reading operations. The solution can be expanded with EXP series units.

PLC programming software

Functionality MODBUS TCP/ASCII

Expansion module

RAIL-R6-EXP is the expansion module created by Onyax, which can be perfectly integrated in both RTU and PLC series devices. The module manages both analog and digital inputs and outputs, with the primary objective of responding to every need for digitisation and expandability within technological remote control and remote management systems.

Functionality Modbus slave

Standard DIN rail installation

Fields of applications

Remote control

  • Remote management
  • Remote alarm/remote acquisition
  • Bridging industrial networks to IIoT

Process control

  • Thermal plants
  • Energy monitoring
  • Cold chain


  • Revamping traditional solution
  • Advanced innovative services
  • Predictive maintenance 

Integration into ACE platform

Every NEMO device is remotely connected to the IoT ACE platform, dedicated to the management of real-time data, alarms, events and measurements.

Georeferencing of device, SCADA/synoptic visualisation, dynamic reports and real-time notfications make the control process affordable for everyone, simplifying every installation and maintenance operation.

Are you looking for an IoT solution for your business reality?

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