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IoT technology at the service of the environment

The importance of monitoring information related to environmental and energy factors from dedicated low-power IoT objects allows for improved supervision processes and maximum optimisation of field operations, with broad regard to environmental sustainability.

Onyax is active in both Smart Agriculture and Energy with digital solutions that support strategic choices on long-term investments, critical decisions and risk analysis.

The advantages of remote monitoring from a Green perspective


Onyax’s IoT solutions enable targeted interventions according to need, optimising certain costs, including those related to energy, water consumption for irrigation systems, and consequently also those related to the treatment of fields and agricultural resources. fields and agricultural resources.


Through constant monitoring with IoT sensors of environmental factors influencing the harvest and targeted irrigation management, water stress on plants can be prevented, thus increasing production rates and improving product quality.


Onyax sensors can be installed over hectares of field or located in individual control areas. Users can decide to expand or modify their sensor network without any constraints, keeping data management and control unchanged thanks to the ACE platform.

Areas of interest


The agricultural sector also needs cutting-edge technologies that can digitise and simplify traditional processes and improve them in terms of time and operation. Onyax uses low-power IoT technologies and sensors in the agricultural sector to perform :

– The detection of weather conditions and various soil and crop parameters.
– The control and optimisation of irrigation or other processes such as sowing, fertilisation or precision disinfection.


Renewable energy sources are a precious resource that can be monitored at 360° and optimised in a sustainable manner to guarantee the user a safe and complete process. Onyax designs and builds monitoring systems capable of identifying inefficiencies so that it can intervene quickly, activate alarms or extraordinary management to resolve energy situations that cannot be monitored with traditional methods.

Recommended technologies


1. Remote monitoring Oil & Gas, Water
2. Pressures, temperatures, vibrations
3. Hydrometric level measurement and control
4. Network leakage search
5. Integration into ACE IoT platform


1. Remote control energy and automation
2. Temperature, humidity, malfunctions
3. Remote cold chain monitoring
4. Remote alarms, opening and closing doors
5. Integration into ACE IoT platform

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