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Digitization and remote control of facilities with Onyax's IOT

Onyax’s technology can digitize distribution and transportation network monitoring processes required by utilities, plant operators and field technicians through a comprehensive and flexible solution.

Onyax’s IoT/datalogger sensors useful for remote monitoring of pressures, temperatures, vibrations and special physical parameters can be quickly installed in harsh environments with reduced movement space, while ensuring high security.

The ACE platform integrates seamlessly with the HTTP(S) and MQTT(S) communication protocols of Onyax or third-party devices and is perfect for remote management, control and analysis of measurements, events, alarms, dedicated reports and custom actions.

The benefits of IoT solutions for distribution networks


ATEX-certified devices up to “Zone Zero,” degree of protection up to IP68 and installations compliant with UNI/TR 11631:2016. ACE platform developed on Microsoft Azure cloud to ensure security.


Fast device installations and communication with control platform via NB-IoT technology reduce operational time and enable ‘strategic organization to users.


Onyax’s IoT solutions are built to simplify connectivity management and avoid inconvenient monthly fees. The device + platform solutions are designed for FULL CAPEX investments.

Areas of interest

Oil & Gas

Onyax’s technology enables telemetry and remote monitoring of chemical and physical parameters in distribution and transportation networks in Oil & Gas environments. Solutions suitable for monitoring temperatures and pressures in fluids and gases, such as first-hopping cabins, reduction units and low-pressure points. Accompanying the acquisition devices are web and mobile platforms that enable remote data management and generation of final reports for regulatory obligations/audit activities.


A precious resource like water needs comprehensive and digitized control to ensure maximum efficiency, precise control and avoid waste. Onyax’s IoT solutions are used in sewage treatment plants, reservoirs, measurement of levels in storage tanks, monitoring of pressures in drinking water pipes, network leak detection, and more generally in all those Remote Water Monitoring applications.

District heating

The monitoring of physical parameters of district heating network has undergone significant technological development in recent years. From the needs of the market came Onyax’s innovative solutions based on NB-IoT (Narrow Band-Internet of Things) communication networks, capable of improving temperature and pressure data management of district heating systems, simplifying installation and reducing costs related to heat metering.

Cathodic Protection

Until a few years ago, the concept of cathodic protection monitoring was associated with the use of bulky batteries, external power sources, and frequent maintenance work that made it difficult to measure corrosion levels and the status of cathodic protection potential for water, gas, and power distribution and transportation networks. With Onyax’s use of IoT technologies, it is possible to overcome outdated methods and perform comprehensive monitoring with low-power devices and an accompanying digital ecosystem.

Recommended technologies


1. Monitoring physical/electrical quantities
2. Cabins, primary and secondary stations
3. District heating, domestic meters
4. Cathodic protection
5. Integration into IoT ACE platform


1. Remote Monitoring Oil & Gas, Water
2. Pressures, temperatures, vibrations
3. Hydrometric level measurement and control
4. Network leakage search
5. Integration into IoT ACE platform

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