The device

TUBE-T3 is the first multiparameter IoT sensor,  designed and realized entirely by Onyax.
It is a sensor, datalogger and acquirer of measurable quantities dedicated to industrial telemetry processes.


TUBE-T3 originates for all operations of management and remote control in water, gas and energy distribution networks. Designed as a response to the needs of Industry 4.0 market and to the emerging requirements in IoT field.


Thanks to its simple and compact structure, Onyax’s IoT device TUBE-T3 is installed directly on the network to monitor, without no need of wiring or electrical operation, thus minimising space requirements.


  • Modular sensors
  • Double antenna
  • Bluetooth for local app communication
  • NB-IoT to communicate remotely
  • Communication protocol HTTP(S)/MQTT(S)

Designed to last

Integrated battery

Ultra-low-power 32-bit microcontroller and autonomous integrated battery with standard life of 5-years, ensure maintenance-free operation and optimised uptime.

Certified security

ATEX certification for explosive environments and IP68 protection guarantee field installations and network monitoring in complete safety.

Small size

With 60mm of diameter and 180mm of length, antennas included, TUBE-T3 can be placed everywhere and can be and installed with extreme simplicity.

Real-time control

TUBE-T3 operates with 2G/EDGE, LTE CAT M1/NB2 network for a fast communication interface with remote server and IoT platforms like ACE by Onyax.

3 versions for 5 remote parameters

Pressure and Temperature

The TUBE-T3-P range of devices is the perfect solution for all industries requiring remote control of:

  • Temperatures: range from -40°C to 70°C
  • Pressures: 4 different pressure scales, from a few mbar up to 700 bar in relative or absolute measure mode.

Sampling at 1 min. intervals

1/2 inch GAS connection


TUBE-T3-L device is used for remote measurement and remote control of hydrometric level. With its integrated ultrasonic sensor, it is able to send short ultrasonic impulses to the surface that are recaptured by the sensor with centimetric resolution in a 0-10m range . TUBE-T3-L, guarantees to the user a quick and safe monitoring and an easy installation on field.

Sampling per 15 minutes

Mounting brackets

Vibration and hydrophone

TUBE-T3-H device is top-of-the-range of IoT sensor for industrial use. TUBE-T3-H not only monitors pressure and temperature, but also integrates innovative acceleration sensors and hydrophone for remote leak detection via the ACE platform. In this way, the network can be monitored from both a pressure and fluid-dynamic point of view.

Sampling by event

1-inch GAS connection

Fields of application

Oil & Gas, Water Monitoring

  • Network end points
  •  Reduction / compression groups
  •  Transport pipelines for fluids and gases 


  • Storage tanks
  • Distribution networks of drinking water
  • Fountains and water houses

Leakage detection

  • Network leakage detection
  • Industrial plants
  • Cooling towers

Integration into ACE platform

Every device of the TUBE-T3 range is remotely connected to the IoT ACE platform, dedicated to data, alarms, events and real-time measures management.

Georeferencing of device, SCADA/synoptic visualisation, dynamic reports and real-time notifications make the control process affordable for everyone, simplifying every installation and maintenance operation.

Are you looking for an IoT solution for your business reality?

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