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Semplify and optimise with Onyax IIOT

Onyax’s IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is a technology that connects people, products and processes using intelligent sensors, actuators and digital platforms designed to optimise, streamline operations and reduce costs.

Onyax provides its experience in electronic, mechanical and software engineering to facilitate the incorporation of IoT technologies that speed up digital transformation and create value for the company, projecting it from a 4.0 vision towards the new 5.0 reality.

From predictive maintenance to the remote monitoring of chemical and physical parameters, to the complete management of energy-efficient solutions.

The benefits of remote monitoring in industrial IoT environments

Easy control

An easy and quick installation of IoT devices dedicated to process control enables better usability of industrial machinery and all-round monitoring with tangible and measurable benefits.

Value to data

The move from installed IoT sensors to cloud-based data management makes it possible to give value to each individual parameter, with the possibility of extrapolating fundamental reports for production.

Total savings

The reduction of operating and maintenance costs and the flexibility of Onyax’s IoT solutions enable improved internal performance with increased overall industrial performance.

Areas of interest


The industrial revolution brought about by Industry 4.0 requires machine tools to integrate telemetry and telecommunications solutions for both remote management and continuous improvement of machine efficiency.
Preventive and planned maintenance solutions facilitate improvement and customer loyalty in after-sales processes as well as guaranteeing a better image and positioning in terms of quality.

Logistica & Tracking

New advances in IoT and sensor technologies not only allow for better and more accurate monitoring of fleets and goods, but are also capable of analysing the environment in which they operate. Onyax offers remote monitoring services with appropriate reports to reduce waste and monitor product inventory through the use of small, low-power sensors with the ACE platform in mobile and web-based versions.

Cold Chain Monitoring

Most companies that manage activities related to cold chain monitoring often adopt traditional and inflexible solutions that are not suitable for accurately monitoring the required parameters, leading to a decrease in the quality of the refrigerated product distributed. Onyax offers a digitised and modern service to all these realities, allowing them complete remote monitoring for physical parameters, door opening/closing alarms and critical situations that can be managed in real-time.

Recommended technologies


1. Remote monitoring Oil & Gas, Water
2. Pressures, temperatures, vibrations
3. Hydrometric level measurement and control
4. Network leak detection
5. Integration into IoT ACE platform


1. Remote energy control and automation
2. Temperature, moisture, malfuncions
3. Remote cold chain monitoring
4. Remote alarms, opening and closing doors
5. Integration into IoT ACE platform

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