The device

BLACKBOX is the first multiparameter IoT device designed and realized entirely by Onyax.
It is a datalogger and acquirer of physical/electrical quantities dedicated to industrial telemetry processes.


The BLACKBOX device was created for all remote management and control operations of water, gas and energy distribution networks. Designed to meet the needs of the Industry 4.0 and emerging IoT requirements. 


Thanks to its simple and compact structure, Onyax’s IoT device BLACKBOX is installed directly on the network to monitor, with no need of external alimentation,  and minimising clutter issues.


  • Modular sensors
  • Double antenna
  • Bluetooth for local app communication
  • NB-IoT for remote communication
  • Bus connection RS485/MODBUS

Designed to solve

Integrated battery

Ultra-low-power 32 bit microcontroller and autonomous integrated battery with standard life of 5 years, ensure maintenance-free operation and optimised uptime.

Guaranteed flexibility

Designed to guarantee flexibility and satisfy the needs of every users, combining customisation and standardisation.

Small size

Reduced dimensions (113 x 94 x 60 mm) and possibility to use external antennas, allow to place and install BLACKBOX with extreme simplicity.

Real-time control

BLACKBOX operates with 2G/EDGE, LTE CAT M1/NB2 network for a fast communication interface with remote server and IoT platforms like ACE by Onyax.

5 remote parameters


BLACKBOX-CAT is used for remote control of cathodic protection. This IoT device allows the acquisition of 4 analogue channels to monitor tension, current and to measure ON, OFF potentials. BLACKBOX-CAT features two digital inputs useful to identify alarms and events like absence of network or opening of a door.

LTE/NB-IoT Communication

Display for real-time reading


BLACKBOX-S is used for remote control of 0-10 or 4-20mA sensors, providing the ability to monitor countless quantities for every type of industrial process. BLACKBOX-S can integrate digital inputs and outputs for any remote alarm requirement. The device connects easily and securely into ACE platform.

Self-powered sensors

Continuous acquisition


BLACKBOX-D allows monitoring of devices connected on Modbus network, implementing an easy and economic IoT solution curated in every design and technical aspect. Thanks to its Android interface, Onyax’s device  BLACKBOX-D is easy to configure and simple to consult via smartphone or tablet dedicated to field technicians.

Integrated Modbus Server

Battery-operated IIoT Solution

Fields of applications

Cathodic protection

  • Power supplies and drainages
  • Industrial pipelines
  • Tanks and underground structures


  • Primary and secondary stations
  • District heating stations and plants
  • Maneuver points


  • Domestic meters
  • Energy monitoring
  • Remote alarm and control

Integration into ACE platform

Every device of the BLACKBOX range is remotely connected to the ACE IoT platform, dedicated to data, alarms, events and real-time measures management.

Georeferencing of devices, SCADA/synoptic visualisation, dynamic reports and real-time notifications make control process affordable for everyone, simplifying every installation and maintenance operation.  

Are you looking for an IoT solution for your reality business?

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