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Onyax’s devices are designed with innovative technologies to meet the multiple requirements of monitoring physical and chemical parameters in industrial and urban environments.

Each product is considered an “intelligent device” with low energy consumption, capable of acquiring the required quantities in total respect of the environment.

More than 50 thousands installations

Thanks to its electronics design expertise and the reliability of its IoT technologies, Onyax has more than 50 thousands installed and communicating devices in Europe to its credit. 

A constantly expanding sales network, collaborations with university institutions and solid partnership agreements see Onyax technologies as valuable allies supporting digital transformation.

Acquirers and Dataloggers

Devices used to monitor physical/electrical quantities and transmit them to cloud-based platforms, from cathodic protection to district heating to Smart City applications.


1. Monitoring physical, electrical quantities
2. Primary and secondary station cabins
3. District heating, domestic meters
4. Cathodic protection
5. Integration into ACE platform


1. Remote monitoring cathodic protection
2. 4 analogue (AC,DC), and 2 digital channels
3. Power supply, drainers, pipelines
4. Corrosion preventive maintenance
5. Integration into ACE IoT platform

Smart sensors

Smart sensors are devices which integrate in a single objects all the functional components required for the acquisition and the long-distance transmission of chemical and physical quantities.


1. Remote monitoring Oil & Gas, Water
2. Pressures, temperature, vibrations
3. Hydrometric level control
4. Network leakage search
5. Integration into ACE platform


1. Remote water quality monitoring
2. pH, ORP, chlorine, turbidity, conductivity
3. Fountains, water wells, aqueducts
4. Support for activities in analytics laboratories
5. Integration into ACE platform

Structured cabling system

Flexible and easily integrated IoT devices.
Perfect for telemanaging a heating system, making a cold room smart or monitoring alarms remotely.


1. Remote control energy and automation
2. Temperature, moisture, malfunctions
3. Remote cold chain monitoring
4. Remote alarms, opening and closing doors
5. Integration into ACE platform


- Why choose an IoT device from Onyax?


Thanks to high degrees of protection and technical certifications, the devices are in line with authority regulations, facilitating their technological integration in public and small and medium enterprises in total safety.


Onyax IoT devices are manufactured with an internal battery that guarantees a device life of more than 5 years.
Every single monitoring process is durable and optimised for energy savings.

Ease of use

Every device is smart!
Designed to take up little space and ensure quick and easy installation even in hard to reach environments. The dedicated configuration for field technicians is supported by digital applications used to save time and effort.


Thanks to different communication channels, including the use of NB-IoT (Narrow band – Internet of Things) communications interfaces for high depths, it is possible to transmit bi-directional data efficiently, safely and reliably, ensuring continuous monitoring of the parameters of interest.


The analysis and preventive maintenance operations carried out following the installation of Onyax IoT devices improve processes and anticipate failures that would be difficult to identify without dedicated technologies. Perfect solutions for industrial realities adopting a 4.0 approach.

From device to ACE platform

In order to have functional and complete monitoring, Onyax provides its costumers with the ACE IoT platform capable of digitising every process in a simple and innovative way. 

ACE is identified as a multi-service IoT ecosystem capable of supporting all industrial realities with remote monitoring needs.

A flexible and scalable platform that takes full advantages of the potential of IoT, providing a solid and secure data base.

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