Industry 5.0: towards a sustainable path with IoT and AI

In an era marked by accelerated technological and social evolution, the industrial sector is faced with a new and stimulating challenge, that of merging environmental sustainability with digital innovation. This innovative approach, known as Industry 5.0, is shaping the future of businesses by focusing on the three pillars outlined by technology experts and reiterated by the European Commission:

  • human-centricity,
  • sustainability,
  • resilience.

Transition Plan 5.0

Unlike the previous industrial revolution 4.0, which focuses entirely on digitalisation and new concepts of intelligent factories, Industry 5.0 aims at technologically advanced process control, totally aimed at the sustainability of the production environment, where advanced machinery, intelligent algorithms and human creativity merge into a single interactive ecosystem capable of simplifying operations and reducing consumption.

In line with this vision, the Italian Government recently approved the Transition Plan 5.0 with financial support of approximately 6.3 billion euros intended for Italian companies for the two-year period 2024-2025.


As cited in the “LEW DECREE 2 MARCH 2024, n. 19; art. 38” all companies resident in Italy can access the tax credit provided for by the Transition Plan 5.0 which in the years 2024 and 2025:

  • make new investments in production facilities based in Italy,
  • activate investments for innovative projects whose main purpose is the reduction of energy consumption

IoT and AI as enabling technologies

Advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the main new driving tools in the transition from 4.0 to 5.0, in fact they fall within the eligible investments of the new decree. Through IoT and AI, manufacturing companies are able to monitor and optimize their production processes by relying on the right mix of sensors and digital platform for data management and control.Precisely from this perspective, Onyax is strategically positioned in harmony with the evolution of Industry 5.0, offering Italian companies concrete solutions for the digitalisation and sustainability of industrial processes.

Onyax devices: energy efficiency and remote monitoring of production processes

The devices designed by Onyax are in line with the directives of the 5.0 transition, guaranteeing an integrated and progressive approach to the challenges of the contemporary industrial landscape.
In this regard, Onyax has been present in the industrial control market for several years thanks to the design and creation of “intelligent dataloggers”, capable of standing out for their versatility and simplicity of configuration with the aim of optimizing production processes and reducing waste along the entire product life cycle. These IoT devices go far beyond simple remote control by facilitating verification operations in the field or on board the machine and offering signals, data and measurements necessary to compose an energy-intensive path dedicated to real-time control but also linked to a customized predictive maintenance service from customer to customer, from process to process.
Furthermore, thanks to constant research activity, Onyax places great emphasis on the concept of low-power through the design of integrated battery solutions, capable of avoiding current connections, allowing total power autonomy for several years and guaranteeing total electrical sustainability in the control process.

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The ACE platform: the importance of data to optimize results

With the aim of facilitating companies in the accurate and complete management of industrial processes, Onyax combines IoT hardware solutions with the processing power of AI, proposing the ACE (Acquisition, Control, Ecosystem) platform: a digital ecosystem that stands out from traditional platforms, used for monitoring and analyzing consumption through the use of advanced deep learning, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques.

The platform, based on a full-cloud architecture, allows scalability, interoperability and security throughout the data control phase. It facilitates the optimal reduction of waste, promptly identifies critical issues through timely alarms, generates interactive reporting in compliance with current regulations and accelerates the future vision through constant predictive analysis.

Trust in Onyax’s experience

Despite the new challenge that presents itself, Onyax, with its consolidated thirty-year experience in the field of remote control of plants, offers the tools and support necessary to materialize this vision. Through careful management and strategic planning, Italian companies can not only adapt to ongoing changes but also take on a leadership role in the transition towards a sustainable and digitalized future, characteristics that are now essential in the new industrial society.

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