Onyax and RetiPiù: the IoT project for remote control of distribution networks

The project: smart management and remote monitoring

The solution developed between Onyax and RetiPiù is a 360º digitization project, started in the experimental phase about 2 years ago and now advanced to the implementation of a network of iot sensors able to monitor the required parameters and manage the data collected through a simple and customizable Cloud platform.
A success story with excellent results also in the predictive field, with a broad focus on energy saving, the security of gas and energy distribution networks and benefits for Utility operators and citizens.

An ecosystem of IoT devices

One of the objectives set by RetiPiù and Onyax in the planning area, driven by the need to simplify networks management and guarantee a safe and complete control, concerned the implementation of an ecosystem of small sensors and simple to install, with a limited environmental impact and minimal size.
Once the project objectives have been outlined, the next step needed a concrete implementation phase. In this regard, RetiPiù has developed, with the participation of Onyax, a series of specific products capable of meeting all control requirements and optimising the management of its distribution networks.
From an energy point of view, the products present themselves as “smart objects” with low-power features and integrated battery, to ensure a five-year use in the field.
Every sensor exploits NB-IoT technology to communicate with the management platform (DAR) and begin the overall control process.
Particularly, the IoT devices ecosystem is imprinted on a double engineering, that begins from remote control and simplification of field operations and gets to automation services for internal efficiency.
The devices installations allowed to guarantee total control of the network parameters:

  • Cathodic protection
  • First and second level cabins
  • Network end points

Meanwhile indoor applications have been introduced for energy efficiency and environmental quality like:

  • Air Quality Control
  • Water Quality Control
  • Smart Building and lighting management

DAR (Digital Asset RetiPiù) platform – Data under control!

Simultaneously with the realization of a devices network, RetiPiù and Onyax aimed at maximizing the ability to collect and use data with the development of the digital platform DAR (Digital Asset RetiPiù), customized following as a technological reference model Onyax’s ACE platform.
DAR presents itself as an IoT platform for remote control, that provides a complete process of data management and analysis.
The advantages of DAR platform are identifiable both from a forecasting and management point of view, through:

  1. The management of various corporate assets in a single digital portal.
  2. The ability to consult interactive simulation reports capable of coordinating field interventions and associated work orders.
  3. Flexible accessibility through dual mobile and web interface.

Furthermore, the platform, in addition to connecting devices made by Onyax and third-party devices, is easily integrated with external systems (ArcGIS), company management (SAP) and SCADA environments.

Plenty of room for integration

The integration activity has always been an active part in the design of Onyax IoT devices and platforms.
This System Integration experience combined with the idea of territorial digitization of RetiPiù and the technological power of SAP, has made it possible to obtain real-time data useful for predictive analysis and the subsequent preventive management of work orders.
The integration process involves the passage of data from the IoT devices in the field to the DAR platform and the subsequent transmission to the SAP system which, through specific algorithms, is able to anticipate possible malfunctions of the distribution networks and efficiently redistribute the company maintenance resources.
In addition to SAP predictive applications, the DAR platform integrates with ESRI systems, which allow operators to topologically visualize systems through a graphical view of the pipelines.
Finally, the anomaly notification process is managed by integrating an alarm communication system to a switchboard operator.


One of the most important results is the optimization of investment costs obtained thanks to a strategic reorganization of the monitoring processes, which have projected RetiPiù to a future use of IoT solutions.
Furthermore, the use of an extremely flexible Full-Cloud solution, drastically reduced installation and maintenance times and network security, make the project an innovative tool able to amplify the digital transformation and this is seen as a concrete example that can be replicated on a national scale.


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