NEMO by Onyax: the first battery powered microchemical-laboratory with remote transmission

Remote monitoring and digitization for water quality control

Drinking water intended for human consumption and the various needs of the citizen needs constant monitoring to ensure a controlled, safe and sustainable service.
Integrated Water Service Managers increasingly need technological solutions that can easily and quickly monitor multiple parameters that certify to the competent authorities the quality of the water throughout the path in the reference network and, at the same time, reduce the intervention time of laboratory technicians.
To meet the needs of Managers in view of digitization and remote control, Onyax has created NEMO, a complete and extremely functional iot solution that aims at ease of use, energy saving and efficiency of the water distribution network.

The device: simple, compact, innovative

NEMO is the first portable chemical laboratory with integrated battery, designed and realized entirely by Onyax to remotely monitor water quality control processes.
Thanks to its simple and compact structure (120x150x60mm), NEMO is an innovative solution dedicated to the continuous control of water in aqueducts, wells, manholes, fountains and simple road detachments, with extreme ease of installation and minimization of space problems.
The device is realized with multi-parameters probes, modular sensors, dual antennas, Bluetooth for local Android app communications and NB-IoT technology to communicate remotely; offering to users an immediate analysis that combines impedance spectroscopy techniques with real-time monitoring of different chemical-physical parameters such as:

  • electrochemical measures (Ph, OR)
  • amperometric measures (Free Chlorine)
  • turbidity (according to legislation UNI EN ISO 7027)
  • conductivity

Furthermore, through a connection via external bus, NEMO is able to monitor other third-party sensors used to control more chemical (ion-selective electrodes, etc..) or physical quantities, like pressure, temperature and flow rate.

Complete control with platform ACE integration

To give users an even faster, capillary and complete control of the water network, Onyax has integrated the NEMO IoT device in ACE, the IoT platform dedicated to management of data, alarms, events and measurements in real-time.
The ability to monitor in real-time, to have a statistical display of the required parameters combined with dynamic reports and alarm notifications on smartphones/ tablets, make the control process affordable for everyone, simplifying and digitizing every installation and maintenance operation.

Optimised processes with continuous experimentation and support in research centres

Through a state-of-the-art hardware/software design, accurate testing phases and continuous experimentation, also supported by specialised research centres, Onyax proposes with the NEMO device a solution capable of optimising the water control process to the maximum both from a technical-functional point of view with advanced design techniques and the use of IoT technologies based on a data-based approachdriven, which from the organizational point of view, reducing the intervention time of laboratory technicians with a vision to efficiency and energy saving and economic.


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