IoT design solutions for an efficient monitoring


In the complicated historical moment we are going through, between energy crises and digital transition, the role of IoT technologies has become of absolute importance to address issues such as consumption management, process efficiency and preventive monitoring..
Even in the industrial field, managers of utilities and SMEs (small medium enterprise) changed their design strategies towards complete digitization of every production process, focusing on a data-driven approach related to the adoption of IoT sensors, considered the true enablers of intelligent systems.
Onyax, starting from its twenty-years experience in the world of telecommunications, proposes a business model focused on the use of complete IoT solutions, which allow data management and its transmission through certified devices, ready to meet the needs of the market in terms of remote control, saving and efficiency.

Design of flexible IoT solutions

The Industrial IoT market, slowed by the recent semiconductor crisis, is characterized by a strong demand for products that meet a specific and unique need, but faced with a generic and inflexible offer. To have processes as optimized as possible, companies thus rely on realities with abilities of custom design and manufacturing, that can intercept and solve needs with extreme ductility, favoring a greater sinergy and reducing costs and development times. In this perspective, Onyax is active in hardware/software design with constant research in the IoT field, through the realization of a series of scalable products and the development of a data management platform (ACE – Acquisition Control Ecosystem), capable of collecting in a single interface the information derived from IoT devices and able to generate daily reports intended for authoritarian bodies for the regulation of plants and processes.

A concrete answer to digitization

The Onyax operating model follows the design of a digitization process in total synergy with the operator. From the analysis of functional requirements to the planning of field activities, to the development phases and the subsequent commissioning of “smart device”. For example, to satisfy efficiency requests of distribution networks managers, ad hoc IoT devices can be accomplished, through low power design techniques, that respect requirements of dimension (small integrated batteries for energy saving and five-year autonomy of the device) and ease of installation. In the field of monitoring water and gas networks, NEMO, TUBE and BLACKBOX device lines are used today, able to monitor and acquire physical and chemical quantities remotely.
NEMO is the first integrated battery-powered chemical laboratory dedicated to water quality control processes, which performs real-time analysis of parameters such as turbidity, conductivity, temperature, flow rate, ph, ORP and free chlorine, combining impedance spectroscopy techniques with deep/machine learning processes that ensure quick and easy water resource control.
TUBE-T3, instead, presents itself as a multiparameter device dedicated to water and gas sectors, ideal for pressure, temperature, vibrations, levels, and water hammers monitoring. A solution designed to adapt to requests from authorities, in application fields like remote control of liquid or compressed gas tanks, telemetry solutions for transport or distribution networks and, with optional sensors, even activities of leakage detection.
Finally, Onyax offers the range of products BLACKBOX, used for the monitoring of sensors and electrical quantities, in which we find BLACKBOX-CAT dedicated to cathodic protection. A datalogger and acquirer with NB-IoT radio communication interface able to perform the acquisition of 4 analog and digital channels, to display the same on a special graphic display, to detect the measurement of potential ON, OFF and monitor voltage and current in power supplies and drains.


Thanks to its design skills and the experience acquired in remote control and telemetry of different sectors, Onyax is able to interface with multiple companies, receiving the specific need and starting an innovative step by step path.
The multiple opportunities offered by Onyax’s IoT allowed businesses to accelerate digitization processes, optimizing every operation both on the hardware and software side. Today, in fact, thanks to the total synergy between easy to install devices, also in line with the demands of the PNRR and extremely flexible, open and scalable platforms, companies that have chosen Onyax technology, have been able to measure the benefits of adopting a customized, comprehensive and interoperable solution, significantly improving the quality of services.


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