Internet of things

IA and IoT, the winning union for land managers and industries

The integration between artificial intelligence and Onyax iot sensors allows advanced and predictive remote monitoring. In the areas of distribution networks and industries, AI analyzes real-time data from iot sensors, initiating digitization. Onyax iot devices, with NB-iot technology, offer long life, reliable communication in harsh environments and ease of use, monitoring various parameters to meet different needs.

Onyax and A2A: remotely monitored drinking water with IoT micro-laboratories

Ensure controlled drinking water to citizens and carry out a constant, safe and efficient remote monitoring thanks to IoT micro-laboratories and a digital platform that can remotely control multiple chemical parameters. This is the project conceived and developed to improve and digitize the control of water quality in the network, which has combined Onyax’s experience …

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IoT technology for the fountains of Rome

With the ACEA group, an IoT technology to digitise the Capital’s fountains was presented in Rome in the presence of the Mayor Virginia Raggi, dedicated to the ‘smart’ management of the water resource and the enhancement of the national territory.

Acea Nemo installation in Rome

We were in Rome with the technicians of Acea Ato2, the largest Italian district dedicated to the integrated water service in central Lazio, to start the first installations of NEMO, Onyax’s IoT device, used in Acea’s WAIDY WOW project inside the famous Nasoni in the capital.Thanks to the Acea group’s innovative vision and the technological …

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